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Located behind the United Methodist Church

Children on the Green is a licensed, non-profit child care center committed to quality, developmentally appropriate care and early education for children of families living or working in the Morristown area. We seek to reflect the diversity of the community in which we are located and are committed to partnerships that support all children and families.

Preschool Parents: Children on the Green offers wraparound care for Morris School District parents who need a structured, full-day preschool program on their children’s remote learning days. Our experienced teachers will support MSD remote learning and provide a full day of Creative Curriculum and learn-through-play activities, along with two nutritious snacks and lunch, rest time and plenty of healthy outdoor time. Enrolling August 2024-2025 – these spaces will go fast!
Our primary focus is on providing a safe environment that promotes in each child a sense of security, well-being and development of basic trust. Each child is assigned to a specific caregiver who is responsible for the care and needs within the context of the group. 
As toddlers enter the "ages and stages" within the rapid course of development in their first three years, our caregivers adapt the environment, materials and curriculum to continually meet their needs. Healthy doses of free play are intermixed with small group structured activities.
In keeping with our educational philosophy, Children on the Green uses The Creative Curriculum by Diane Trister Dodge and Laura J. Colker as a framework when planning each day's activities. Using a thematic structure, the teachers plan developmentally appropriate materials and activities that develop each child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.
In keeping with our educational philosophy, Children on the Green uses The Creative Curriculum, an evidence-based, state DOE-approved curriculum. With children’s interests as the jumping-off point, teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities that foster each child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. In Pre-K, children’s days are filled with structured activities and free play in literacy, math, art, science, music, blocks, dramatic play and movement. Our pre-K kids learn to love learning and graduate ready for kindergarten!
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