Providing Quality Child Care & Early Education

Celebrating 20 Years

Twenty years ago a handful of people* committed to a shared vision of high quality, community-based childcare for families of diverse backgrounds, laid the foundation of "Children on the Green."

On this joyous 20th anniversary occasion we're thrilled to have been publicly recognized by Congressman Frelinghuysen in the Congressional Record.

The center opened its doors in September 1994 with the capability to care for thirty infants, toddlers, and preschool children regardless of family income. Child and Family Resources of Morris County worked with the Morristown United Methodist Church to build a space within the church facility for a financially stable, private, non-profit childcare facility that offered child childcare to a variety of families living or working in the Morristown area.

Over the years we've grown, added programs, aimed for increasingly higher levels of quality and achieved the prestigious NAEYC accreditation. As the first children who walked through our doors graduate college and become happy, successful adults, we remain proud of our history and committed to the legacy of our founders.


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