Providing Quality Child Care & Early Education

Our Mission

Children on the Green provides quality child care and early education for children of all families living or working in the diverse Morristown area.

The value of early childhood education is indisputable and profound. Children on the Green provides quality child care and early education that promotes the growth and development needs of all our children in a caring, nurturing environment.

Since opening our doors in 1994, our philosophy has been that every child deserves access to a quality early education program regardless of their means. Through charitable grants and individual donations, we offer scholarships for children with demonstrated need, providing them with access to quality education and developmental opportunities unavailable to them in other centers. We are the only child care center in New Jersey that provides full scholarships to children referred to us by local homeless and battered women’s shelters.

Our well-rounded program includes nutritious meals and activities such as swimming and cultural events that enrich the developmental experience and promote development of life skills.


A Godsend for Homeless Children
Dory Devlin, The Star Ledger
After bringing her 14-month-old Antoinette to Children of the Green in Morristown for six months, she is no longer overwhelmed by the loving, consistent care her daughter receives every day. She is simply grateful... read more

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