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I always thought that having to put my children in childcare would feel like a major sacrifice, but when my son started at Children on the Green they almost instantly became my partners in raising him, an incredible support system for me and my husband, and a source of so much information and insight into my child's development. I can honestly say that the relationships I have formed with the staff at Children on the Green have made me a better (and more relaxed) parent!


This is a very good place for kids and conveniently located in the center of Morristown. The teachers are attentive. The staff is diverse and interesting (which is important I think for the kids to learn). The playground is so cute under a big tree.


Finally found it, an early childhood program that understands what developmentally appropriate education is all about. Thank You COG.

COG Parent

I love this second home to my children. When I drop my children off I have the same feeling as dropping them off to a favorite Aunt or Uncle. The Co-Directors and teachers are all a wonderful part of my family.

COG Parent

I fondly recall one of the first mornings I dropped my daughter off at Children on the Green. As I peered over to say good-bye to her, my 6-month old daughter was quickly surrounded by 5 older children all huddled around her to play. It was in that moment that I was beaming inside about my decision. What I had felt was a warm, nurturing center during my first tour was confirmed. I have since been overwhelmed by the sense of community at Children on the Green. It is a place where the children truly care about one another, the teachers are engaged and committed to the school’s mission, and the children are made to feel special each and every day. Over the past two years, I have watched my little baby develop into a little girl. Her communication and social skills have flourished because of the encouragement and lessons she learns every day at Children on the Green.


Both of my children began attending Children on the Green when they were eight weeks old. From the very beginning the qualified teachers cared for my kids in such a loving and nurturing way. Now that they are older I see and hear the excitement about going to school and know that I will hear about all the fun things they did and learned about that day. My son, currently in the Preschool class, cannot wait to tell me about his experiences in the enrichment programs that Children on the Green offers, from Stretch and Grow to Mad Science to Drama. It is wonderful to see him show me what he learned, how to do the exercises and, of course, I love how he encourages and tries to teach his younger sister, who is in the Toddler room, to do the same. From the very beginning I knew that Children on the Green was the best place for my kids and I highly recommend it to anyone.


I have been sending my children to Children on the Green for 5 years. I continue to be amazed at how each morning the staff goes out of their way to make my child feel welcome - it is a great way to start the day! The infant room at Children on the Green is a very special place. From the first day when you are introduced to your child's primary caregiver, to the daily reports, to the way the teachers and staff give kisses and hugs goodbye each afternoon, I know my daughter is well taken care of. It is obvious that all involved want to see her grow and learn. The preschool classroom is full of wonderment! I love it when my child comes home talking about the baby chick that just hatched, or the caterpillar that he is sure will be a butterfly any day now. He is learning about life, he is learning about structure, and he is learning how to be a good friend.

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